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About Michael Kish Photography

Michael Kish Photography
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Michael Kish
Professional Photographer

Michael’s connection with photography began with a borrowed camera in 1999 while working at Grand Teton National Park. After finishing high school in Oregon, he searched for a cool summer job and settled in northwestern Wyoming, quickly falling in love with the rugged mountains, deep valleys and silent forests of the Rocky Mountains. Michael spent his free time exploring the northern Rockies of Wyoming and developed a deep connection and appreciation for the raw beauty of the area.

On one particular hike in the Tetons, Michael borrowed a camera from a co-worker, hoping to capture some images of his explorations. That experience hooked him on photography as both a creative outlet and a way to explain his relationship with the natural world. An interest that started as a casual hobby eventually grew into a life-long passion and pursuit for Michael, allowing him to express what he witnessed in the natural beauty of the mountains.

As his connection with photography grew, Michael developed a philosophy about the art form. "Feelings and emotions can't be photographed in the literal sense. The sun's warmth, as it breaks the eastern horizon at sunrise, simply can't be felt in the form of a print," he noted. Through his work, Michael hopes to evoke a sense of belonging, connection, and purpose with the natural world. "Each day the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but no two sunrises are the same and each sunset evokes a different quality. Each new day brings a new beginning and an opportunity to discover something never before seen. The beauty of the natural world is all around us, just waiting to be explored."

Michael strives to capture the raw beauty of natural landscapes. Focusing on simple, minimalist shots, he emphasizes the basic elements that make his photographs unique. Michael's passion for nature and its beauty drives him to make pictures that highlight the essence of the land. His images — often taken in their most raw and untouched form — showcase the beauty of nature without added distractions. Michael seeks to capture the landscape in its simplest, most powerful form and share it with others.

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