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Fine Art Print Care

Michael Kish Photography

Framing Your Print


We highly recommend that you have your prints professionally framed behind UV-protected glass. The materials used in framing your print should all be acid-free and archival. Also, avoid hanging your print in direct sunlight.


Storing Your Print


If you will wait to frame your prints, consider how to store it. Keep the archival tissue in your photographs packaging to help protect the print surface. Store the prints in a cool, dry place until you're ready to have them framed.


Viewing Your Print


It's best to view your print(s) in a known daylight-balanced light source. I use Solux 4700k track lighting to color match and inspect all the prints I make in my studio. Viewing your images under other kinds of lighting sources can cause the colors to shift. For example, fluorescent bulbs will cause a yellowish/green cast on your print, but when viewed in tungsten lighting, the print will take on a reddish/orange color cast. A neat little trick you can do yourself is to view a plain white piece of computer paper under different lighting conditions. The results will surprise you!

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