Handling Your Print


There are a few things you should know before handling your print. Your print is well packaged for shipping, therefore caution should be used when unpacking them. Make sure your work area or table is clean and free of debris and liquids. Carefully remove all of the packaging tape. Next remove your print from the layers of cardboard and bubble wrap (itʼs in the middle of the layered cardboard.) Next, youʼll want to put on some cotton gloves, if you have them. If you don't have any cotton gloves make sure you handle your print(s) by the outer edges. Carefully remove the print from the protective bag and remove the archival tissue. Never handle your print with just one hand as this could damage it. Never pick up the print by itʼs sides. Itʼs best to always handle the print by opposite corners.


Framing Your Print


It's highly recommended that you have your prints professionally framed behind UV protected glass. The materials used in framing your print should all be acid free and archival. Also, avoid hanging your print in direct sunlight.


Storing your Print


If you will not be framing your print(s) right away you should consider how youʼre going to store it. You should keep the archival tissue that was used in the packaging of your print(s) to help protect the print surface. Store the prints in a cool dry place until you're ready to have them framed.


Viewing Your Print


Itʼs best to view your print(s) in a known light source that is daylight balanced. We use Solux 4700k track lighting to color match and inspect all of the prints that we make in our studio. Viewing your images under other kinds of lighting sources can cause your images to look less than pleasing. For example, florescent bulbs will cause a yellowish/ green cast on your print, but when viewed in tungsten light the print will take on a reddish/orange color cast. A neat little trick you can do yourself is to view a plain white piece of computer paper under different lighting conditions. The results will surprise you.

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