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What Folks Are Saying...

Michael Kish Photography

"Personal note: Michael Kish's portfolios epitomize the very best in nature photography-thoughtful and unique compositions in just the right light and pixel-perfect presentation in the final images. He excels at finding images in the field and then again at bringing out the best light when processing the digital files."

-Tony Kuyper from Tonalea, Arizona, Professional Photographer


“I am so glad that I participated in Michael's summer Photo Tour and would highly recommend the class. The topics covered in the Photo Tour were perfect for someone like me who was looking to gain the confidence to begin adjusting my camera's settings off of auto and take control of the images I was creating. The classes were relaxed and easy-going, and I felt free to ask questions at any time. The topics we covered were presented in just the right order to allow me to learn and experiment with my camera without feeling overwhelmed. I also appreciated the time spent with Michael in the field and the individual attention he gives.”

-Kai Lindland from Eugene, Oregon, Workshop Participant


“Appreciate the help you gave me, the shots I got, and most of all the excellent effort put into finding the best shots of the day through your local knowledge. Out of all the locations we worked, I’ve found at least a few shots that I’d be quite happy to hang for my customers. The thing I love most about this level of photography is the unselfishness exhibited by most participants. You embody that!”

-Ray Beair from Lubbock, Texas, Private Workshop Participant



"Just completed a 3-hour course on my Canon Rebel XTI with Michael that was great! The first hour concentrated on knowing the camera. The second hour was spent walking around town taking pictures to understand what camera settings to use in real-life conditions. The third hour focused on getting the pictures from the camera into the computer, organized with Lightroom, and touched on PhotoShop enhancements. He is knowledgeable, and enlightening and really gave me the incentive to learn more. I would highly recommend his classes."


-Jeff Crabtree from Jackson, Wyoming, Private Instruction Participant

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