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Coming Spring of 2025

Nebraska Astrophotography Workshop

Michael Kish Photography

Professional photographer Michael Kish will introduce participants to the dark side of photography...capturing the night sky! Participants will learn the basic approach and photographic techniques necessary to capture the night sky's astrological wonders. To get the most out of this photography workshop, participants should bring a digital SLR or mirrorless camera that has either a "bulb" mode or the capability to take interval shots within the camera. It's also essential to have a cable release with a lock, lenses, extra camera batteries, and fast memory cards. Lastly, a stable tripod is necessary. It's important to dress appropriately for the weather and bring additional layers, as the evenings can be chilly. Tour sizes are kept small, with groups of no more than four! Keeping the size small allows for more one-on-one instruction. Snacks and water are provided, but you are encouraged to bring a packed lunch. Please note that the workshop does not include or supply photographic gear and participants are responsible for their park entry fee.

Michael Kish Photography

Workshop Highlights

Reading The Night Sky

Camera Operations

 Composition & Framing

Light Painting

Exposure & Metering


$399.00 Per Person

Astrophotography workshop with Michael Kish Photography
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